Rafturi automate

Integrated systems

with the best gravity handling systems


ROSSS structures can be integrated with the best gravity handling systems with shuttle and also with automated satellite or it can include automated systems with tralsoelevator in single and double depth. ROSSS integrated systems represent therefore the union among the quality of the self-standing structures ROSSS, characterized by the limited necessary deformability for the correct operation of the automatic fittings and the best automatic and partially automatic systems available on the market.

Automatic systems

in order to facilitate the internal logistics and the systems of control and management of the commodities

ROSSSs automatic equipments are the perfect match among the best automatic and semiautomatic systems available on the market and the high standard quality of ROSSS self-standing structures is essential to the correct functioning of the automatism.

Every self-standing ROSSS structure is characterized by an innovative structural concept: beams and uprights guarantee a perfect combination in terms of stability and safety, thanks to the high quality of the row materials used and to the care on the structure details (connections among the structural elements).

ROSSS self-standing structures are in fact extremely strong but at the same time also flexible and elastic. They can absorbe , amortize and dissipate the solicitations, also in seismic contest , then to return to the initial state so as to guarantee the correct operation of the internal automation.

ROSSS self-standing structures come from a deepened technological knowledge in terms of preventiive seismic know-how.

ROSSS plans and carrys on tests on materials in its 3 internal laboratories iinside its productive site of Scarperia and San Piero (FI). Tests on materials, constructive details, parts of structure and structures actually assembled by exploiting the competences of its own structure R&D and in collaboration with important Italian Universities.

ROSSS self-standing structures can be integrated with the best handling gravity systems, with automated satellite or including trasloelevator systems in single and double depth or other automation typologies.

Project and Installation

ROSSS plans and realizes upon request automatic intallations for every typology and dimension, both for inside, where a building structure actually exists both for self-standing structures, that are real buildings under all point of view. ROSSS automatic self-standings structures, installed on armed cement foundation contemporarily offer the support to the storage loaded and to the covering walls. The realization of a self standing structure allows to exploit at the utmost the volumes by reducing the building works usually required to its construction.

ROSSS has a specific experience in the planning and realization of automatic fittings of big height and capacities: the so-called HBW-high Bay Warehouse, by using the new criterions of Hierarchy of the Resistances. These fittings, that can reach heights over 40 meters, requiring a particular attention and know-how in terms of deformation on the planning phase.
ROSSS plans and produces its own self-standing structures according to the norms in force subjected to national (“Technical Norms for the Constructions”; NTC2008), and European regulations (EC8), using steels conforming to the EN harmonized norms.